zambales-feb-08-061.jpg..three (ridiculously good-looking) college friends went off to an adventure in a land called Zambales.


It was a long journey. The three (ridiculously good-looking) friends had to endure a 7-hour bus trip on mostly empty stomachs. It would’ve been just around 5 had they not gotten off at the wrong stop. But as luck would have it, they did; which was not so bad because they were greeted by really friendly locals, a picturesque scenery and the coolest sea breeze.


The delays aside, the three friends finally reached their destination–The Sun Bloom Resort. Lovely name, right? haha

Anyway, they took a detour right before Sun Bloom and had the best buttered chicken in history at this other resort called Dawal, which is supposedly THE premiere beach resort in Candelaria, Zambales. There was a pool and everything.

The moment they arrived in Sun Bloom, the three (ridiculously good-looking) college friends went on a fifteen-minute boat ride to Potipot Island.


Where they spent the rest of the afternoon mastering the art of camwhoring!





And taking endless pictures from one end of the island to the other:





Needless to say, it was an incredibly fun day spent frolicking under the sun. The boat arrived around sunset and the three (okay I know you’re getting tired of me saying this but I have to be consistent so…the three ridiculously good-looking) friends were treated to the most spectacular view ever.

This fantabulous sunset:



Man this sunset kicked ass. I remember the three of us just sitting silently in the boat, hypnotized by the slow yet swift setting of the sun (contradicting, I know, but there is just no other way to describe it). The best sunsets are the ones that take your breath away. And this was clearly the best sunset I have ever seen in my life. The boatman, Mang Steve, even stopped the boat in the middle of the sea and we all just sat there watching the sun make its way down. Amazing. That was the most peaceful I’ve felt in a long time. πŸ™‚

Later that night, we went to check out the floating restaurant near Sun Bloom. The food was not half-bad. I loved their sinigang. Here’s a photo of us three again. This time, with me burned to a crisp! haha



We stayed only for a night but it was enough to detoxify from the stressful city life. πŸ™‚

We plan on going on a longer trip next time. This one was totally spontaneous and we ended up having a great time. Can’t wait to check out the other sights in Zambales!

Wonder where my next trip will be? πŸ™‚