It started at the Salcedo Weekend Market, actually. Tricia and her friend, Arnel, are planning to open a restaurant in Pampanga and they asked me to tag along and check out the place. I was not prepared for the day long food trip that will be taking place. Trish has a tendency to do that–tell me one thing and then surprise me by getting me to do way more than that. It always happens in line with food. No surprise there. Haha. And it’s not like I’m complaining. We girls love to eat!

So anyway, they asked to meet me at the Salcedo Weekend market where I got to meet new people. Arnel treated us to yummy paella, chicken inasal, and frozen yogurt. We left at around 1PM for Pampanga but as we were all feeling pretty sleepy after our filling lunch, we stopped by Starbucks along the expressway. Stayed for over an hour and then went off to Pampanga where we checked out the restaurant site first and then went on restaurant hopping right after.

Our first stop was Suzie’s for Pancit Malabon, Palabok and Dinuguan with puto where we finished all these in a matter of minutes:

Next stop (and you would think we’d at least take a break after consuming all that pancit) was Razon’s for their Halo halo. I don’t know about you but even though I’ve eaten like there is no tomorrow, I will always ALWAYS have room for dessert. I don’t know how I manage to make room for it but I always do. And I will always make room for Razon’s. Their halo halo is literally sin in a glass.

Side comment: I want a better camera. Sigh.

After Razon’s, we were pretty much too bloated to even think straight so we headed over to Clark and walked around for a bit.

Finally, once we finished with our 1.4KM walk around that vast open field, we were off to meet the others at Zapatas where we had all these:

A couple of pitchers of Frozen Strawberry Margarita!!!

Beef fajitas and Quesadillas!

I loved Zapatas! Loved their interiors. Check this out:

The parrot reminded me of my officemate Ish. Haha.

The place is just so cozy.

Un tequila sin sol es como un amor sin besos–A tequila without salt is like love without kisses. 😉

Meet my translator (and kapangalan):

And our gracious host, Arnel:

Thank you for feeding us!!! 🙂