Last weekend’s Baguio trip let me experience synchronicity in a whole new level. And only the people who were with me (Trish, Arnel, Gigi and Poch) can fully grasp the meaning of that statement. It’s one of those ‘you had to be there’ instances where only you and the people you were with can fully get the kick out of a joke other people do not seem to find funny. Hehe. Labo? Well, you simply HAD to be there. 😛

Anyway. Synchronicity. It’s funny because the only common denominator we five have is that we were all friends with Tricia at one time or another. We totally got along and it was just really a blast hanging out together in Baguio. Quite the adventure, actually.

We left for Baguio coming from Pampanga a little after 7pm. It was the longest drive not because of the distance but because of all the stops (read: FOOD) we had to make on the way there. We finally got to Baguio around midnight where we found ourselves parked in Camp John Hay where we had our first round of drinks.

Meet this entry’s crazy cast of characters:

The two Tricias and GG.

Everybody’s Cafe’s Poch and fellow food lover Arnel:

Finding ourselves a place to stay was quite the adventure. People say there are a lot of ghosts in Baguio and I bet that night they were laughing their asses off as they watched us go around town in circles before we finally found ourselves in this really quaint Bed & Breakfast called PNKY along Leonard Wood.

Here’s a photo of the hotel during the day.

It’s so pretty! It’s sort of like your home away from home. It’s a house that is converted into a hotel. I loved the interiors–very colorful and cozy. It’ll appeal to anybody’s inner artist. Check out the main hall:

And the dining area.,,They have a lot of paintings by the artist Carlos–makes me wonder if his family owns this place. I love his artwork. Vibrant, colorful, and very much alive.

I think PNKY offers 5 rooms for it’s Bed & Breakfast hotel. They also have cottages for rent in a different part of the city (Quezon Hill) and we stayed there the following night because the room where we stayed (they call it the Van Gogh Room *sniff*) had to be vacated to make room for new occupants. Sigh. I loved that room. Van Gogh’s one of my favorite artists and that room had a lot of Van Gogh prints. Loved it. Want to go back and stay there again. Hehe

The hotel also serves really appetizing Baguio Longganisa:

They have tables set up outside for when you want to take in the view while eating. Most of the furniture used in the hotel are actually for sale. PNKY has a collection of unique furniture pieces like this one:

You can’t get any more detailed than that. Hehe.

The cottage we transferred to was nice as well. I think it can probably fit a group of 10. There’s a living room which has a day bed, a bedroom, two baths, and a kitchen/dining area. And parking. haha.

The dining area where we never got to eat (at least, I didn’t anyway).

More of Baguio later! Gotta go have breakfast. Did I mention we did nothing but eat there? Trish kept on insisting our main reason for heading up was work. And we did nothing of the sort. Well, a little. Hehe