My friend Al has a hobby. Opening restaurants. Haha he owns Jatujak (check it out in Megamall and Mall of Asia) and KKK (West Ave. cor. Examiner St.) and he recently opened a new hole in the wall Thai restaurant called Chariya’s Thai Kitchen.

According to Al: “Inutusan lang ako ng nanay ko bumili ng suka sa kanto. Pagbalik ko nagbukas na ako ng restaurant. Call it spontaneous, business savy or just trigger happy.

Haha I loved Chariya’s. It’s pretty much open (meaning there’s no aircon) and cozy and should be on every food fanatic’s hit list.

Food is cheap but really good! It’s prepared by a brother sister tandem–Chariya and Jok. Chariya has been teaching in the culinary school of Gene Gonzales while her brother Jok used to work at Spice market restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok.

I’ve been to the place twice already and I still cannot get enough of their Tom Yum. It’s spiciness will definitely wake you up. Perfect pick me up after a tiring day at the office. Or, in my case, a day spent bumming listlessly. Hehe check it out:

They also have the best Pad Thai I’ve tasted.

I just sprinkled it with too much chili powder so I ended up glued to a pitcher of ice cold water. Complement it with sweet Thai Iced Tea. Waaah yummmm. Really filling.

Their curries are good too. Best seller is the Green Curry Chicken.

Ooh, start off your meal with Green Papaya Salad. Tangy!

And who doesn’t have room for dessert? Try the Thai halo-halo. It’s nothing compared to our Pinoy halo-halo but they add an interesting twist to it by serving it in chilled coconut milk.

I also tried their Mussaman Beef (not sure if I got that right) during my second visit but I didn’t have my camera then so I don’t have a photo. It’s reaaaally good. Beef in peanut sauce. I thought I died and gone to, er, Mussaman heaven. Hehe

Anyway, that’s about it! I haven’t tried the whole menu yet but I know na where to go when I have Thai cravings! hehehe

Do check out Chariya’s Thai Kitchen. It’s located along N. Garcia St. (formerly Reposo). Coming from Jupiter, it’s two short blocks away from St. Andrew’s Church after crossing Kalayaan. Red Canopy. You won’t miss it.

Happy Eating! 🙂