I was “rummaging” through my old multiply photos and I totally forgot about my last trip to Manila Zoo with my friend Alet. It was, I think, almost four years ago and I was around ten pounds heavier. Haha. Anyway, Alet’s never been to the zoo in her life so I thought I’d tag along to witness her first one.

We went to Manila Zoo and my memories of the place before coming back were good. But when I got there and I found out that the old Giraffe had passed away and upon seeing the (sorry but) sorry state the zoo and its animals were in…I don’t know, I guess the next time I feel like seeing some animals, I’ll check out the newer and cleaner ones we have here.

Anyway, some photos of Alet’s local safari. In fairness to Manila Zoo, Alet DID enjoy our trip to the place. And she’s not exactly three years old. Haha so that should count for a lot. LOL

Here’s Letski with an owl.


A giant lizard.


A snake.


And hanging out behind an elephant’s butt.


Hehe the elephant is fake. That’s one of the statues they built in the plaza. 😀


I hope the next time I see wild animals, it’ll be on an African safari!