Holy week was spent in Davao and the best thing about Davao is the beach. One resort along the Samal strip facing Davao, in particular, I was really looking forward to visiting because I’ve never been there. It’s called Chema’s By The Sea and the place is as whimsical as its name.



It is beautifully landscaped using materials like dead coral, hardwood, and ornate art items.




And they have this trellis-covered walkway leading up to the cottages and open cabanas.


Cottages and cabanas have a nature-inspired theme. Cottages for two cost around P3500 a night while open cabanas (with beds adorned with fancy-looking mosquito nets) are at P2500, if I’m not mistaken.




The restaurant is located on top of the hill, with a great view of the sea should you decide to eat at its outdoor deck. The food is really cheap too! At around P95 to P150 per head. The food is great—I especially loved their sinigang na hipon and chicken barbeque!


The best part about the resort, and I didn’t get to try it because it was quite full that day, is the Infinity Pool. I absolutely love it. This photo was taken last year when my sister and her boyfriend went to Chema’s on a weekday. So calm and relaxing, don’t you think? 🙂


I could spend an entire day here! Sigh…and I wouldn’t get sunburn because it has a net overhead that keeps swimmers protected from the sun’s UV rays.


I can’t wait to go back to Chema’s. Next time around, I’ll go on a weekday so it won’t be so crowded like when we went on Black Saturday. But, in fairness to the resort, crowded meant around 100 people. The best thing about it is that they don’t allow walkins. So you really have to reserve ahead because this is how they maintain their guests’ privacy. It’s on a first come, first serve basis so best to plan ahead. 🙂


For reservations and other inquiries about the resort, call (082) 303-0235 or (0917) 814-0814.