Dear Readers,

Beginning today, this small piece of virtual real estate will serve a dual purpose: a travel blog and my online writing portfolio. I’ve been a serial blogger since 2003 and it has gotten quite difficult to continuously maintain a series of blogs, so starting today, I’ve decided that I will only be maintaining two: my personal blog and this one.

I have also chosen to use WordPress’ Duotone theme, which only allows half and half: one photo to one entry. It is primarily designed for photo-blogging and as I have been in a minimalist phase the past months, this suits me well. If you wish to view other photos for specific entries, I am working on posting my more current photos in my multiply site, which I will eventually link to every entry. In the meantime, this will do for now. 🙂

For first-time readers, if some of the old entries seem incomplete, it’s simply because the photos (save for the first one) embedded into those entries cannot be viewed using this theme.

Thank you for dropping by. I appreciate all the feedback you’ve been giving. Here’s to more entries (and more published works) in the months (and years) to come!