There is much excitement abuzz on the eleventh floor of the 6750 Building along Ayala Avenue.

Celebrating its 4th anniversary this month, the Beverly Hills 6750 Multi-Specialty Aesthetic Institute is introducing three new treatments guaranteed to attract the interest of its beauty and wellness clients. “Our unique selling proposition has always been related to providing the best physician staff, high technology, and a very ergonomically set up clinic and hospital-grade operating rooms,” shares Dr. Eduardo Santos, M.D., managing director of Beverly Hills 6750. “Since it’s our anniversary, we wanted to introduce three new services—one of which relates to wellness.”

A Proactive Approach to Wellness

There has been a growing awareness among Filipinos about the importance of wellness and preventive medicine, and its impact on improving one’s quality of life. On its fourth year, Beverly Hills 6750 finds itself at the forefront of this phenomenon as it brings to the wellness realm the technology of Disease Susceptibility Gene Testing (DSGT).

“The test is basically a DNA analysis of tissue sample and it allows you to know your susceptibility to more than 100 diseases, 25 of which are cancers and 75 are medical and metabolic conditions,” informs Dr. Santos. “As a physician, I know that while most diseases are determined by both genetic constitution and various environmental factors, getting a heads-up on one’s predilection to certain diseases can influence how one manages one’s health-related decisions.”

The DSGT is non-invasive. Disease susceptibility genes are detected from tissue samples taken from the mucosal lining of the mouth. “This is done by using two cotton pledgets that are simply swabbed across the lining of the mouth—one for the left, the other for the right. These are then stored in a special collection tray device, and sent out to an international laboratory for DNA analysis,” shares Dr. Santos.

Genetic Center Company Limited, an international laboratory that participated in the Human Genome Project, is the company responsible for this technology. “We use cutting edge gene biochip technology to determine your predilection to over a hundred diseases,” shares Dan Teoh, chief executive officer of Genetic Center Company Limited. “The beauty of taking the test is you only need to take it once in a lifetime, and it gives you a head start toward prevention. It allows you to choreograph your health regime, and should you happen to find yourself already with the disease, the DSGT catches it at its early stages, which means there’s a high percentage of it being cured.”

Of course, given how delicate the information is for clients, the two companies see to it that proper privacy measures are set in place. “All the pertinent client information are safeguarded by Beverly Hills,” shares Teoh. “Normally when we take the samples to our laboratory, everything is labeled with a code. The information remains in Manila and that’s it. Once we’re done with the analysis, whatever samples we take are destroyed. Our lab staff would not even know whose sample it is. They only know the code number and if it’s male or female. Beyond that, they don’t know anything. That’s how we maintain privacy.”

A Great Fit

While genetic testing has become commonplace in Western societies, Beverly Hills 6750 is the first institution to offer it in the Philippines. When asked why they partnered with Beverly Hills instead of more conventional hospitals, Teoh expressed the importance of the DSGT’s service element. “What’s important to us is not really just selling the test, but the service an institution delivers after,” emphasizes Teoh. “Now that you have all this information, what do you do? We’re very picky with who we partner with because our partner must be able to deliver that service. Beverly Hills 6750, being an institution that’s into wellness and preventive medicine, makes for a great fit.”

Dr. Santos agrees, “The test allows us to better plan a wellness program for a patient. For example, if you take the test and find out that you have a genetic risk for breast cancer, being aware of that risk drives you to take care of the environmental risks of that particular cancer—avoid obesity and taking birth control pills, etc. These are the things a physician interface is able to do as far as choreographing your health plan. For each particular risk identified in the test, we physicians can give corresponding advice.”

The Disease Susceptibility Gene Test costs P60,000. For the entire month of September, Beverly Hills 6750 is introducing it at P54,000 as an anniversary promo. Beverly Hills 6750 also has two new services, namely the Breast Enhancement Scarless Technology (BEST)—a transumbilical breast augmentation—and the Le Parisiene Duo-Lift Facial. For more information,

This article was published in the Business Agenda of the Manila Bulletin, September 19, 2010